The Best Consulting Firms In New York City

Consulting firms are of three in kinds and those are:
Strategy consulting firms, operation consulting firms and information technology consulting firms.

Strategy consultants perform their work with the senior people of the management to evaluate whether it will be wise to merge with another local company or to make an access to the Asian market. Operation consultants, on the other hand, inspect the internal activity on the organization and tell the methods to the clients how they can reach their goal by reducing costs, reshuffling departments or apportioning their resources in different ways, increasing products feature or other ways. And information technology consultants help their clients in using new technology so that they can be adapted to the newer version of the technology.

These supports are largely available in the New York City but in the limited prominent organizations. Here we will see some of the reputed consulting firms and their activities. To begin with, Mckinsey & company, it is the most influential consulting firm in the planet. It is plainly known as “the firm” to the corporate offices. It is a very reputed and expensive company. Its customers are AT&T, IBM, PesiCo and GM. Mckinsey & company is a strategy firm and its consultants help the clients in developing long term strategic plans. Contact: Mckinsey & Co. Inc.
55 E. 52nd St.
New York, N.Y. 10022 USA.
(212) 446-7993
(212) 446-7200 (fax)

Bain is another giant company that is counted among some other world class companies like Boston Consulting Group. The founder of the company is William Bain. Bain is also a leading company in strategy consulting.
Contact: Bain
2 Copley Place
Boston, Mass, 02116
(617) 572 2000
(617) 572 2427 (fax)

The Boston Consulting Group is another champion in this field. So many firms suggest the same solution to different companies but The Boston Consulting Group is different than the others. It treats every firm as a unique firm and every problem is a unique problem and successfully provide world class solution. It has got fame for BCG Matrix.
Contact: Boston Consulting Group
Recruiting Coordinator
135 E. 57th St. 22nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10022
(212) 446-2800
(212) 754-4424 (fax)

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are some other big names in New York city in this regard and they have been helping people successfully for years. They are: Monitor (25 First St. Cambridge, Mass. 02141), Artur D. Little (25 Acorn Park, Cambridge, Mass 02140), Mitchell Madison Group (520 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 10022)

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