Top Consulting Firms in Atlanta

There is a big number of consulting firms in Atlanta that operate in many areas of business. Here is a list of some top performing consulting companies.
Accenture ( is a company located in Atlanta that operates in spheres such as optimization, mobility, strategy and risk management. They give their customers the opportunity to analyze data and optimize customer interactions through interactive marketing.
Another company in Atlanta is Allscripts ( The firm was formed by merging two management industry leading companies – Canopy and ECIN. It offers web-based solutions to problems such as utilization management.
Alexander Group ( is specialized in increasing the return in sales investment. They achieve it through new strategies and coverage alternatives with specific territories.
Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) ( is a Xerox company that operates in the sphere of IT services. They improve processes, manage client operations and deal with the core business of companies.
Alvarez & Marsal ( are specialized in management, performance improvement and tax and business advice. Founded in 1983, it is a well-established top-performing company.
So if you are looking for the top-performing consulting companies in Atlanta, Georgia, you can find many experienced companies.

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