Top Consulting Firms In The World

Consulting firms are firms that help their clients solve economic problems. Mainly, there are three types of consultants: strategy consultants, operation consultants and information-technology consultants. Strategy consultant deal with market issues such as merging between companies or finding and entering new markets. Operation consultants’ job is to increase the efficiency of the company by restructuring it, cutting costs and employing new technologies to raise product quality. Information-technology consultants work with clients, helping them cope with new technology. Often the regular income of a company depends on information-technology consultants’ efficiency. There is a number of leading management consulting firms in the world.
McKinsey is a private company with over 80 offices around the world. Its economic practices concern everything from production technology to market strategy. The clients of this company are from many industry sectors, such as automotive industry and electronics. The employees are mainly top graduates.
The Boston Consulting group is a private company with more than 65 offices around the world. The company is doing high quality strategic analysis. Being employed by this company is very desired by MBA graduates.
Bain and Company is a global company working in the sphere of highly efficient strategy.
Booz and Company was founded in 1914 and was the first to use the term “management consultant”. It has offices in 33 countries and working in it is considered prestigious by MBA graduates.
Deloitte consulting has 15,000 employees all over the world. Its clients are from numerous sectors – science, energy and resources, finance, transport, etc.
Accenture is the world’s leading company in the sphere of business process engineering and integration. It works in over 50 countries.
AT Kearney is a fast growing company, dealing with strategic and information-technology consulting in aerospace, health-care and other industries.
Mitchell Madison Group was founded in 1995 and has been prospering since then, dealing with operation consulting. Mitchell Madison has clients in the automotive, pharmaceutical, petrol and electronics industry.

There is a big choice when it comes to consulting companies. The client should decide what kind of consultants is needed and then turn to one of the top companies.
As you see the majority of the top consulting firms in the world are located in US (United States). However there are also other great top consulting firms worldwide.

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  1. As a small business 0wner I’ve never needed the services of a consultancy firm. If I were ever to use one though I would want them to be accountable for their advice. I’ve heard on more than one occasion when out government has spent huge amounts on these firms only to find their advice to be erroneous. I reckon if that’s the case then there should be some compensation.

  2. These are quite enlightening facts on consulting firms. I hope they make more wise decisions in helping improve the country’s economy.

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